Create a Shortcut on your Desktop
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Posted on September 12, 2014
Sending Realtrac Printout to Skyslope
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Open up the required form that you wish to upload

Click Preview to launch document

Select PDF to XPS

Name the file and select Publish

If this pop up comes up just select Cancel

Select Default email (if you have a London Email address) application and click Continue

If using an outside email provider click on "Use Webmail" and enter your Yahoo or Gmail credentials.

Click the Mail option on the tool bar

E-Mail to SkySlope
Posted on July 31, 2014
New IT Support System
If anyone has any TECH issues please let us know by E-Mailing

Include your Name, Phone Number, and Location. Some of us use personal E-Mail accounts where I cannot look up your location, or it provides us the ability to contact you if we are off site.

Please keep the subject line brief. It makes it unreadable on my phone if you put the entire issue in the subject.

Here is an example of an IT Ticket format

Thank You
Real Source
Posted on July 23, 2014

Wired For Success; 10 Must Do's

1. Get a Level III website now No template for you, only custom designed logos, colors and styles that make you stand out above the rest. Level III sites re-label every Broker's listing throughout the valley to re-direct clients only to your cell. See Reliance Marketing ASAP.

2. Fill out your profile on CAR, FAR, Zillow and Trulia. It's FREE, but if you miss this, someone inquiring on your listings will go to some other Realtor. These profiles tell search engines that you sell real estate in Fresno and all requests for information should be sent to you.

For CAR, go to:

For FAR, go to:

For Zillow, click here and click Sign up.
Benefits of a free Zillow profile:
Register with Zillow and enjoy visibility at the top of your listings. With a free profile, you can add your photo as well as get buyer and seller contacts, and start working with your clients to get reviews. Register today or log in if you already have an account.
In addition, has a partnership with Yahoo Real Estate so your information will show up on as well.

For, click here
Benefits of a free account: claim your listings, send stats to sellers, join professional directory, connect on Trulia voices, search from your phone.
Note: London Properties has already claimed your listing (unless you opted out). Use your LP User Name and Password to access your account.

For, click here
The Control Panel on is your quick and easy link to important listing and marketing information. Through the Control Panel, customers can interact with purchased products, view traffic activity of listings, and manage the components of your Marketing System. Non-customers can view traffic related to listings, and MLS Members can access reporting about your MLS.

For, click here
This is a product from HGTV and who doesn't love HGTV! You can make your profile public as well as share information from HGTV.

3. Include the phrase "Fresno Real Estate" (or your favorite city) and areas of specialty "Investment Property, Foreclosures, First Time Home Buyers" etc. in your Social Media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your name will come up more often and you'll receive more calls.

4. Fill out your free Google+ Profile. This is Google's version of Facebook. It's owned by Google, which is the #1 search engine, and like Zillow, it's FREE and it will make you another one or two sales a year.
For Google+, go to:

5. Start your own blog about real estate and housing trends. It costs you nothing, but could make you famous. Be sure to write for humans, not computers, include key words such as: Fresno Real Estate, Clovis Ranch Property, homes near Lemoore Naval Air Station, etc. to get those hits. Keep it fresh; add a few thoughts every day. You can also share a blog. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your online authority. Find a great site and pass it on. Be sure to give the original author credit.

6. Be a writer; National real estate magazines and websites (Realtor Magazine), as well as local community websites and other Realtors are always in need of good articles. Submit articles to CAR, Zillow and the Fresno Bee about trends, changing markets or your area of specialty. Of all the things you can do online, Guest Blogging and articles have the best chance of going viral on a national scale and bring you attention.

7. Create a YouTube Channel for open house videos and video blogging. YouTube is the #2 searched website in the world and is owned by Google. Tell them what you're doing; you will increase your open house traffic and it's FREE.

8. Interlink the pages on your website and social media pages. It costs you nothing and it works. Don't assume that people will see your navigation buttons. Add phrases such as "Search for Fresno Homes Now" and link them to your search page.

9. Turn your services into a short punch list (like this one) that people can download such as: top real estate trends in the valley, 10 Things To Do Before Buying a Home, 10 Home Staging Tips, 10 Ways to Sell in a Down Market, Why now is the best time ever to move, to retire, etc. People love short to do lists, be sure to include your photo and contact information.

10. Have questions regarding how to do any of the above or want more tips for success? Take advantage of a FREE hour consultation with Fresno's Premier Web Consultant. Contact Eric McCormick of McCormick Mobile Media at (559) 304-4637. London Properties will pick up the tab. It's FREE!

Top 10 Real Estate Apps You Need On Your Phone NOW! (on your cell and connected to your Level III website)
What it does: Allows you and your clients to instantly have all the information for every home on the market 24/7. Search by your current location, any address, street or MLS #, plus you will be shown as contact for every listing from every Broker in the five valley MLSes. Give your clients a reason to call you. Put this app on all their phones with your photo ("My Agent").
Go to

Mortgage Calculator app
What it does: calculate mortgage payment & amortization. Advance mode will determine PMI and sum up other expenses. With Color Option.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Mortgage Calculator"

Open Home Pro app
What it does: Keep track of open house attendees by entering them into a database that can be imported into your contact management system. Now you have can follow up fast and easy with potential buyers. No more paper list to keep up. Plus, it just looks cool and you'll sell two or three extra homes every year.
Go to the App Store search "Open Home Pro"

DocuSign app
What it does: Saves you time! Docusign's app is a great way to electronically sign and distribute contracts and keep track of the signature process. Another great aspect of this program is that you'll have the current copy of every contract with you at all times. Many lenders and brokers are moving towards a paperless transaction be prepared. Don't get left behind.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "DocuSign"

Facebook app
What it does: 50% of the traffic to Facebook and social media comes from mobile phones. Use the mobile-social media to promote open houses, special events, price reductions and your accomplishments. Keep your face in front of your clients daily and they think of you when they're ready to buy or sell.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Facebook"

Craigslist app
What it does: Post your new listing, open house, price reductions, etc. to Craigslist from your mobile phone. Craigslist has proven to bring us more clients than expensive newspaper ads. It's a free, fast and easy way to drive more clients to meet you.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Craigslist"

Instagram app
What it does: Simple and easy to use. Share pictures on Instagram or Facebook instantly with your friends and followers. Keeping in front of more people will cause more people to call you instead of the other guy who does not make the effort to promote himself.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Instagram"

Dropbox app
What it does: Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. By downloading Dropbox to your desktop computer and your phone you can quickly access your files, client numbers, contracts and lists from your phone wherever you are anywhere in the world. It's an easy way to always have all the information you need at your fingertips.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Dropbox"

Real Alert app ($1.99)
What it does: REAL ALERT is ideal for emergency situations or anytime you feel your safety is threatened. REAL ALERT helps you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, provides quick access to emergency services & directs you to the closest hospital.

- Ward off a potential Attacker with Quick tap "ALARM"

- Save precious moments with Quick tap "CALL 911"

- LOCATE the nearest HOSPITALS using your current GPS location

- Record "CREEP DATA", details about a suspicious person before they are forgotten

- Speed dial your emergency contact with Quick tap "ALERT A FRIEND"

- Handy flashlight

As a Realtor, you are always out there exposing yourself to a crazy world. Here's a great way to stay a little safer.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Real Alert"

Magisto Magical Video Maker
Great for Open Houses or Virtual Tours. Just shoot and upload your videos and Magisto automatically turns them into beautifully edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes. A wonderful, inexpensive way to impress your clients, get them talking about you and sending more friends to you for their real estate needs.
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "Magisto"

A great tool for connecting with your sphere and with other agents and businesses. Keep connected to get more buyers and sellers!
Go to the App Store or the Android Market and search "LinkedIn"

Create A Webmail Shortcut

iPad Listing Presentation

iPad New Buyer Contract


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